Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Everyone likes a change in home décor from time to time. Seeing the same stuff in the same place for years gets boring but sometimes, although you’d love to redecorate, you just don’t have the money to spend. If you find yourself in that situation here are four easy home decorating tips for anyone on a budget:

1. Redecorate in the Cottage Style

Originally, cottages were typically where the servants lived or were overnight visitors stayed. When it came to decor they were commonly filled with left over furnishings from the main home and the cottage style is a representation of this.

Since the theme is generally eclectic, you can use recycled or antique furniture with scrap fabric and mismatched materials to accessorize. This makes the cottage style a very cost effective approach to home décor since you don’t have to worry about matching things. You can find great deals at flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores and yard sales. Furnishing in this style can be purchased at a fraction of the price of trendy new items that quickly go out of fashion anyway.

2. Rearrange What You Already Have

Just by changing the position of some pieces of furniture or framed art, you can breathe new life into a tired room. You need not limit yourself to just swapping pieces within a room. Take a step back and consider the house as a whole. Swap the function of some of your rooms and change the furnishings accordingly. Switch the living room to the den or swap bedrooms, for example. Simply changing an end table for a plant stand or swapping window treatments between rooms can create a whole new look without you having to spend a penny.

3. Get Out The Paint Brush

It’s well known that paint is the cheapest way to decorate a room. There’s no need to buy expensive paint, choose a quality national brand and give all the walls a new coat. Don’t be tempted to buy really cheap brands though since this is a false economy. You will need more coats to make a decent job of it. Also, look for the reduced section in the paint department. There you can often find end of lines or drastically reduced prices where the colors were not matched correctly for the original customer.

When choosing a color to paint the rooms in your home, first consider what the room is primarily used for and what type of feel or mood you want to create. Carefully measure your room and make a list of everything you need, so you don’t have to stop in the middle of your project to run out and get an essential item. Painting a room in your home is a simple and inexpensive home improvement project that can be completed in a weekend with very satisfying results.

4. Accessorize What You Already Have

Another economical home decorating tip is to add decorative elements to your rooms to create a different feel. Even when you don’t have the budget for new pieces of furniture, you can add splashes of color around the house with numerous accessories that can instantly change the mood of a room. A new throw, a small lamp, some throw pillows, a dried flower arrangement, a new wall clock or framed picture. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Stick with the current theme of your room or change it to match the season. Adding a little can change a lot.

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Definitive Guide For Buying Nautical Home Decor

Nautical home decor is becoming more and more popular even with people whose homes are not located anywhere near the sea. It really should not come as a surprise because the bright colors of the sea and the sky can surely turn a house into a cheerful and dazzling home. Not only that, it is also very easy to find these kinds of home decor and you do not have to spend a lot.

Let us start with the free items, which you can commonly find outdoors. When you go on vacations and have a chance to visit seashore, it is a good idea to gather pieces of decorative items that you can use to incorporate in your nautical home decor.

Sea treasures such as seashells, sand, driftwood, corals and so on, can add priceless beauty to your home. For instance, you can hang on the wall the driftwood you collected from the shore. Voila, an instant nautical wall décor. You can place small shells of different colors in a clear vase or use corals to form a coral sculpture that can be a focal point of interest in your living room.

For buying pieces of nautical home decors, you have a wide array of options of places to choose from. For one, you can choose to buy these pieces in the local department store or furniture shop, which usually sell nautical home décor all year round. You can also find wonderful ornaments in collectible shops or antique stores.

Another option to buy nautical home decor is online. The Internet, which became a popular venue for selling and buying products and services, can provide you with different stores that sell this kind of home decorative items. Just be sure that you are careful when doing your online shopping because many phishing sites proliferate the cyber market.

Before you go buy from a certain online store, it is advisable that you first examine the site to determine if it is legitimate or not. In order for you to know, check if the store has a contact information or physical address. Contact or visit the store and talk to a customer service representative, who should be able to assist you efficiently in your shopping.

Furthermore, you can also contact the brand of nautical home decors being supplied by the online store to see if this is truly a legitimate and accredited supplier. You can also talk to past customers so you will have an idea on the kind of product and service offered by the store.

When buying pieces, you have to make a checklist of everything you need to buy and then set a budget so that you do not overspend. Remember, with this kind of home decor, you do not need to spend a fortune to find beautiful items. Your options for nautical home decor include miniature sailboats, nautical wall decor, sea equipment, lantern, glass float, oars, fishing pole, sails, tropical wall hangings, and many others.

As for fabrics like for curtains, table cloths, or sofa sheets, cotton canvas in the shades of ecru or blue is the way to go. This is not only durable but also complement beautifully to your nautical home décor.

What is great about buying nautical home décor is that they hardly ever get out of style. This means that the ornaments you buy today will still be highly appreciated even in the years to come.

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Home Decorating Styles – 6 New Trends to Explore

When it comes to home decorating, it is easy to stuck in the same old rut. A traditional room with traditional furnishings can become just too… traditional. Perhaps it is time to shake things up with a brand new look for your not-so-brand-new home. Browse through these six home decorating trends and see if there is one that matches your personal style.

Modern Organic. And by organic, we mean natural looking. Modern furniture does not have to take a cubist approach with straight lines and hard edges. The new modern look has plenty of curves, but these gentle life-like curves avoid looking curly-cue or overly feminine. You can achieve the modern organic look with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, leather or metal. The accent colors will be almond, leafy greens, sand, tan and dark chocolate browns.

Shabby Chic. Warning, a true shabby chic look has a distinctly feminine look that is unlikely to appeal to the male gender. So unless you live alone, or the man in your life is extremely generous or oblivious to his surroundings, you may want to avoid shabby chic altogether. But if you do decide to go for it, go for the gusto by placing all white furniture and accessories in an all white interior, then distress the paint, fray the edges, and generally give your room that lived-in cottage look. If you grow tired of the all white theme, you can add a bit of color with cabbage roses and pink and green paint. Just make sure you keep the distressed look intact, even when repainting furniture or picture frames, or recovering pillows or lampshades.

American Country. The country look has evolved. Previously, American Country took its cues from English furniture styles, dependent upon the romantic look complete with pastel colors and frills. Today, American Country is more likely to mix traditional pieces with modern and contemporary furniture, but the baskets, quilts and red, white and blue color theme still provide the underlying essence of American Country decorating.

The Lodge Look. This decorating style epitomizes the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors. With large, real wood furniture, including twigs, poles, and Adirondack chairs, the lodge look incorporates touches of the old West with accents of real silver and turquoise, Navajo rugs, and thrown pottery used either as lamp bases or as accessories for the rough hewn wood mantel.

Mediterranean Country. This look can be either Tuscan or French, but it incorporates the colors and styles of Mediterranean old country homes with the convenience of modern living. You will find deep organic colors of rusts, ochre and saffron, plenty of wrought iron accents and simple lighting designs that may include candle-based light fixtures.

Island Chic. Think Tommy Bahama meets Ernest Hemingway in Casa Blanca. We all know Tommy Bahama was a fictitious character invented by the imaginations of a marketing team, but the line has come to represent elegant Island living, carried out with simplicity and class. The furniture can run from simple wicker, to elegant carved wood that reflects British Colonial styles. The main ingredient for Island Chic is the vivid color palette, consisting of tropical teals, salmon and yellows, usually played against a dark wood backdrop.

If any of these trendy new decorating styles have your imagination spinning, then you have definitely found your next look. Now it is time for a trip to your local paint store and favorite furniture retailer, and you will have your trendy new look in no time.

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Home Decor Sites Worth Visiting

Although shopping for new home furnishings is fun it can also be a huge challenge. This has nothing to do with options since there are thousands upon thousands of home décor sites online but rather, the amount of time and effort involved it takes to find home décor websites with items that a person wants to buy. In simple terms, few people have time so sift through multiple home decorating websites.

Instead of feeling frustrated, there is an easy solution to finding home decor websites of interest. To make the shopping experience more enjoyable but also successful, an individual could use the services of a company that provides information to all the best sites, broken down into several specific categories. With this, information but also links to the most respected furnishing sites is provided.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

The great thing about using a home furnishing guide is the caliber of home decorating websites provided. In fact, sites chosen for consumers are among the most popular and in demand, which means the products sold are exceptional. Consumers who choose to use an online shopping guide are often surprised at the wide selection of items but also level of quality, affordability, and even ease of use.

As mentioned, someone who chooses to find top-rated home décor websites in this manner has the option of going to different categories, which makes the shopping experience even better. Following are examples of categories from which home furnishings can be purchased.

o Flash Sites – Stores in this category feature items that change on a consistent basis

o Multiple Brands and Products – As implied, a wide range of furnishings in a variety of categories are sold by brand or product type

o Multiple Designers – Rather than sort through different product types, an individual would have the opportunity to choose a specific designer

o Retailers with One to Three Locations – These decorating stores consist of unique boutiques found around country where amazing products are sold

o Retailers with Four or More Locations – In this case, stores are found both online and locally

No matter the category or budget, using a shopping guide specific as a method of finding home furnishings makes it possible to find incredible styles and products. The bottom line is that someone who wants unique items for the home but with little time to spend shopping would have the chance to find the exact decorating items needed. The companies featured on a home furnishings guide include all types of products with examples listed below:

o Artwork
o Bath Decorum
o Bedding
o Cookware
o Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
o Lighting
o Small Kitchen Appliances
o Wallpaper

The list of possibilities is endless but it is important for consumers to understand that because of the way an online shopping guide is designed, the websites for decorating items listed are the best of the best as far as quality and style! One final note is that many of the décor sites provided offer discounted or reduced pricing on a regular basis, which means an individual can purchase something amazing but without spending a fortune.

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Home Decor – Buy Name Brand Products For Less on Craigslist

Do you want to outfit your home or apartment with name brand home decor? On that same note, do you want to avoid paying full price? If so, you should visit the popular classified website Craigslist.org. On the website, you can find many home decor items for sale, including new and used name brand products. Cheap home decor is the best type to buy!

When most individuals use Craigslist to buy, they deal with local sellers. This is easy and you don’t have to worry about scams. You arrange a meeting with the seller and meet to exchange the purchase for money. You can and should do this, but don’t limit yourself to find a good deal. You can download a free Craigslist search tool or another desktop searcher to search the entire website, perform multi-city searches or statewide searches.

When you search all of Craigslist for name brand cheap home decor, you may be unable to arrange a local pickup or delivery. Although shipping on Craigslist.org is usually advised against, because it can be the sign of a scam, you can use your best judgment. Avoid listings where buyers suggest shipping. Later suggest it yourself. Claim you will pay for shipping and include extra for a tracking number. If a buyer has a PayPal account, you can pay via PayPal or mail a check. Never send cash through the mail or wire money.

Regardless of whether you search the Craigslist website or download a free search tool to perform your searches, choose your phrases wisely. If looking for the cheapest product, such as an oil painting, search with a general phrase, like “oil paintings.” If looking for something in particular, such as Pottery Barn bedding, tailor your search to the brand name and item. You get fewer, but more on-the-spot listings. Speaking of which, read them to find cheap name brand home decor items for sale.

In addition to finding paintings, picture frames, mirrors, and other home decor items, you can also find gift cards or gift certificates for specialty stores. Specialty stores, such as Pottery Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond, aren’t popular with everyone. Many times, you have to like a special style. Gift card recipients who won’t use the cards may try to sell them online and you can usually get a good deal. For example, sometimes a $25 gift card is sold on Craigslist for $20.

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